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About us

Our journey began back in 1997

With a lot of effort and hard work, we obtained approval from the Ministry of the Interior and became authorized fireworks performers in the Republic of Croatia. And so it began.

We were engaged by various cities, places, and companies, creating spectacular fireworks displays. We faced fierce competition, fought our way to success, and earned our place in the sun. We were part of countless weddings, delighting thousands in attendance. We participated in numerous concerts with our special effects, constantly improving our craft. Our expertise grew, leading us to be invited to work on movie sets, providing special effects for films.

We opened the first balloon store

ten years later, we transformed it into the largest Croatian party and balloon shop. This is how we became, and still are, the center of everything related to entertainment.

We were persistent, undeterred, and we still are

We always had fantastic teams, and today, we have the best team. Here we are, 25 years later, still present in Croatia’s always lively and dynamic market. Resilient, healthy, and happy. With one mission – to be innovative, reliable, professional, and to ensure our clients are satisfied because we have added extra joy to their important and beautiful moments.

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