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Confetti Release – Bring Magic to Your Event

Confetti for All Significant Occasions

Inject Joy and Excitement into Your Moments

We all know that special moments deserve special effects. That’s where we come in – your partners in creating unforgettable memories. Pleter vatrometi  bring a shower of confetti to important events, adding fun and vibrancy to your celebration. Whether it’s the entrance of VIPs onto the stage, concerts, weddings, or award ceremonies, confetti adds an incredible visual effect and joy to every gathering.

Professional Confetti Releases

Our powerful large cannons shoot out an enormous amount of confetti, creating a spectacle that everyone present will remember. We use Magic FX blasters when we want the confetti to fly densely and continuously, creating an impressive effect. If you need an instant impact, we also have large cannons or multiple smaller cannons activated by electricity.

Wide Variety for Every Taste

Confetti can be metallic gold or silver for extra shine or paper in various colors according to your preferences. Paper confetti is completely biodegradable and can be used outdoors. We recommend gold and silver confetti for indoor spaces where it can be easily cleaned up.

Everything for the Perfect Effect

In our webshop, you can find commercial and professional confetti cannons, so you can create the perfect effect for your event. Release confetti across Croatia or the European Union and add magic to every moment.

Add Magic to Your Event

Perfect for Every Occasion

Confetti adds a special touch to any event. Add magic to your weddings, concerts, the exit of newlyweds from the church, or any other special moment. Delight your guests and create unforgettable memories.

Contact Us Today

No need for complicated arrangements – we’re here to help you. Contact us today to bring joy to your events. Our professional confetti release service makes every moment special.

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