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Delight citizens and visitors with spectacular fireworks

 Start a collaboration with us and create unforgettable moments for your public events

Let your audience experience the magic of light and sound with our fireworks. Collaborating with us means organizing spectacular moments with ease and safety.

Customized fireworks organization

Different options for every budget

We offer adaptable packages that suit financial possibilities, making fireworks accessible to all municipalities, cities, and tourist boards.

Business approach

Don’t want to waste time organizing fireworks? We take care of all administrative details and flawlessly execute the fireworks for you.

Safety first

The performance locations are carefully fenced to prevent unauthorized access, ensuring the safety of the audience and the environment.

Successful realization with a professional approach

Leadership in unexpected situations

If we encounter unexpected challenges such as wind, we will adjust the direction of the fireworks to ensure safety and success.

We leave everything clean behind us

We take pride in cleaning up the performance location after every fireworks display, removing any large debris and disposing of unactivated fireworks safely.

Why choose us? Quality above all

Quality above all

Our fireworks are not just launched pyrotechnic devices, they are true works of art, carefully crafted to create original images. We use a variety of effects that stand out from the crowd.

Dynamic and intense

We never suggest fireworks displays that last too long. Instead, we emphasize the dynamics and intensity, making every moment spectacular.

Experience the fireworks you deserve!

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Here are the answers to your questions about fireworks for public events:

Questions & Answers

  1. Question: How far in advance should I book a fireworks display for a public event? Answer: We recommend booking at least a month in advance to ensure availability and the ability to adjust the plan. However, we are happy to help you even at the last minute.
  2. Question: How do I choose the right fireworks for our event? Answer: Our experts will work with you to understand your needs, event type, and budget and suggest the optimal fireworks.
  3. Question: What is the procedure for obtaining permits for a fireworks display? Answer: We will take care of obtaining all necessary permits, making it easier for you to handle administrative tasks. It may be necessary to obtain some consent or organize a fire brigade.
  4. Question: How do you ensure the safety of spectators during a fireworks display? Answer: The performance locations are carefully fenced to prevent unauthorized access, and our team of experts applies the highest safety standards to ensure that everything goes smoothly.
  5. Question: How flexible are you in adapting fireworks to the specifics of our event? Answer: We are flexible and will adapt to your wishes and requirements to create a unique fireworks experience for you. We always adjust to the location and position of the audience.
  6. Question: How long does an average fireworks display last? Answer: The duration of the fireworks display depends on the agreement, but we always recommend emphasizing dynamics and intensity rather than longer duration.
  7. Question: How do you react to unexpected challenges such as bad weather? Answer: Our experienced team quickly responds to unexpected situations such as wind or rain. We adjust the direction of the fireworks to the weather conditions. Moderate rain will not cause problems for us as performers. If there is a severe storm, the fireworks display must be canceled, but then the entire outdoor event is likely to be canceled.
  8. Question: What happens to the waste after the fireworks display? Answer: We take care of cleaning up the performance location after every fireworks display, removing any large debris and disposing of unactivated fireworks safely.
  9. Question: What references do you have from previous public events? Answer: In the 25 years that we have been in business, we have performed many fireworks displays. Feel free to ask us for information about previous successful fireworks displays that we have organized.
  10. Question: What are the possibilities for adapting fireworks to the theme of the event? Answer: Our creative team can adapt the fireworks to the theme of the event. We will certainly consider the best position for setting up the fireworks.
  11. Question: Can you organize fireworks with musical accompaniment? Answer: Yes, we offer the option of fireworks with music, creating a unique experience for the audience. The client suggests several musical numbers, and together we choose the one that will give the best result.
  12. Question: How is the price of fireworks calculated? Answer: The price is formed depending on the choice of package, duration, type of effects, intensity, size of effects
  13. Question: How long does it take to set up and prepare before the event? Answer: The setup time depends on the size and complexity of the fireworks. We arrive at the location on time and well-prepared to ensure quick and efficient preparation.
  14. Question: How do you communicate with local authorities during the organization of a fireworks event? Answer: We have experience in working with local authorities and will coordinate all necessary permits and communication.
  15. Question: What if we have special requests or ideas for the fireworks? Answer: We encourage creativity and are open to your special requests. We will gladly consider and implement them.
  16. Question: How do you ensure cost transparency? Answer: Before signing a contract, we will provide detailed information on costs, including any additional elements that may be required.
  17. Question: How much experience do you have in performing fireworks? Answer: With 25 years of experience, we have rich experience in performing fireworks in various locations throughout the Republic of Croatia.
  18. Question: How can we contact your team and start collaborating? Answer: Contact us by phone, email, or by filling out the online form on our website to schedule a meeting and start planning your fireworks event

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